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Determining partition sizes, and computer models in DOS?

Determining partition sizes, and computer models in DOS?

Postby LuiePL » Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:55 pm

I'm working on building a script to use with WinPE to launch Ghost, and one of the parameter's is to set the partition to put the image on to. It's not a problem if you're used to doing it manually and you know what partition it needs to go onto. The purpose of this script though is for people that may not have the familiarity with it to just put the correct partition in. My question is, is there a either a way to list the partitions on a hard drive for the user to select? Alternatively, a better more "hands off" approach would be for the script to automatically determine the largest partition and just use that one with Ghost.

My second part of this question is, is there an easy way to figure out what model computer you're using from within the script so that possibly I could forgo the user selecting which Ghost image to use? The computers I work with are Dell's and HP's, and they've been coming with Vista so far. This is helpful, because as of right now only the files in the folder containing the images are listed, not any description of them. There is an option to view the readme that has the description of the files, but it requires the user to read it carefully, and is not full proof.

Thanks for the help.

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