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Currently Dual Booting - XP & Vista - Reload Vista With 7

Currently Dual Booting - XP & Vista - Reload Vista With 7

Postby mikesaxman » Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:30 am

My system is currently set up to dual boot either into XP or Vista. XP was the initial OS on the system. I am considering one of two things:

1) Replace my Vista install with Windows 7 - I would want to format and do a clean install.
Concerns: How will that affect my current configuration? Will I need to tweak boot settings in VistaBootPro

2) Create another partition from within Vista and install Windows 7 on it to create a triple boot option.
Concerns: Same as above. PLus, would there be any special procedures if at some point down the road I would want to remove Vista?

Appreciate any feedback.

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Re: Currently Dual Booting - XP & Vista - Reload Vista With 7

Postby shreader » Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:12 pm

Hi mikesaxman, welcome to PROnetworks ^*^

1) You should have no problem installing Windows 7 & using the Windows 7 DVD (choose custom install) to format away the Vista data in that partition, then installing the new OS in that partition.

2) PROnetworks has several guides we produced to help people w/ their installing of Vista. Windows 7 is built off Vista, so just substitute Windows 7 for Vista in this guide.

Windows Vista Installation Guide

Here is a link to the other guides:
Vista Guides and Topics of Interest
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