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Copying One Users Settings to Others on the same PC

Copying One Users Settings to Others on the same PC

Postby FJP » Mon Jul 08, 2002 12:34 am


Windows XP has a neat feature which I had to find. The XP help and support told me to do something else. Here was the problem: I had myself (User1) setup the way I wanted all users to look when they opened up under their user name. How could I get the desktop to look identical and load the same exact programs? (I have Zone Alarm for a firewall that did not load under the other users - Great product BTW).

My Solution: I went to "My Computer", right clicked and chose "Properties", Clicked on the "Advanced" tab, Clicked on "User Profiles, Settings". In there, it lists your all your user profiles. Select the user profile you want to copy to another user, and XP copies everything. It will not copy over mail settings, or any protected folders (folders you made private). Remember, if you don't want it in the new user's profile, make it private first or you will end up deleting it after the operation is done.
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