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Configure 2wire router with repeaters

Configure 2wire router with repeaters

Postby ar1stotle » Sun Oct 28, 2007 3:21 am

OK, my new ISP sent me a nice 2wire gateway. Great, but it makes setting up my system a little more difficult. It doesn't seem to have a passthrough mode, and while its wireless signal is strong I'd like to be able to use my other two WRT54GL routers as repeaters. However, I'm obviously having a little trouble. For one thing, I can't get the routers recognized on the network. When I set them to Client or Repeater modes, they get an IP address from the gateway, but the gateway says that they're inactive and any computers connected to them cannot access the internet (or the gateway gui). When I set the routers to Client/Repeater Bridge mode, the routers don't report that they have an IP address, but it seems that the computers behind them do get listed on the gateway (I'm actually not 100% sure, because it's been being really strange lately and I haven't been able to tell exactly how long it takes for them to cycle between being listed as active and inactive). While this should be good and allow me to do port forwarding, I also want to run some services on the router, but since they don't have their own IP addresses it doesn't seem to work. Anyone have any experience/insight into the matter?

Edit: Actually, it seems that it lists the IP of the computer behind the router, but the MAC address of the router itself. Or possibly the router is just assigning ITS own IP to the computers behind it...? Not really sure since I only have one computer to hook up to it at the moment.
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