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Cloning Vista Home Premium

Cloning Vista Home Premium

Postby Tailwagger » Fri Oct 02, 2009 10:50 pm

Apologies if this problem has been addressed previously. I have a Sony Vaio with pre-installed X32 Vista Home Premium and hence no installation CD. I partitioned my hard drive into 2 primaries and 1 logical and then used DriveXML to make an image of my C drive and stored it on the logical partition. I then "restored" the image onto the unused primary partition, made it the active partition and rebooted. I now have 2 bootable drives except the new one does not come up as C: drive but retains the original drive letter (G:) although the Windows icon is now attached to it. How can I make it come up as C: drive? At the moment it seems like a confused cross-linked system.

Oops - should have posted this in the Boot forum - I'll repost it there.
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