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Cat5e - Cat6 - Cat6a - Cat7 what to choose?

Cat5e - Cat6 - Cat6a - Cat7 what to choose?

Postby rippinchikkin » Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:36 am

I am am upgrading some of my network (its an ongoing process), and have upgraded my router's & switches to gigabit speeds already and most of my pc's already have gigabit nic's. There was a noticeable improvement with those changes.

Is it worth it to upgrade from the cat5e cables I have? Will there be a noticeable difference in performance? I have been reading reviews and specs. and still can't decide if its worth it, if you have used and noticed a difference, let me know. The cable prices (in the pre made cables, I wont be making my own with these) are pretty close between the different versions, so that is not a concern either.
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