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Cannot Connect to internet through WAN PPPoE

Cannot Connect to internet through WAN PPPoE

Postby cedriac » Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:58 am

i had this WAN Miniport PPPoE broadband connection on my laptop before and was running succesful. for some reason my internet was disconnected and i couldnot make a connection. so i deleted the created connection from the Notebook and tried to create a new Broadband WAN Miniport PPPoE connection and could not setup. What i believe is my Notebook(HP Pavilion DV6000 with Vista Business) is not detecting my external ADSL Modem. what do i have to do solve this issue?

The error it showed was "This connection is not available because there is a problem with your modem or network adapter."

NOw i have checked this external ADSL modem with another notebook and it was successfully detected and i could setup the PPPoE internet connection.

I have also checked with the Network Adapters from Device Manager and i dont seee any excalamation ballons on them.
HOw to solve this?? your help is appreciated!!
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Re: Cannot Connect to internet through WAN PPPoE

Postby JabbaPapa » Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:13 am

You should try and test your wireless connection with other wireless networks, if you know of any near your home that you can use, but it is sadly possible that your adapter might be failing. In any case you should test every possible scenario to try and locate the faulty element.

If you are unable to solve this issue, you may as a workaround wish to use a RJ45 ethernet cable for wired networking, if your ADSL modem has an ethernet socket that is.
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