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Bumptop 3d desktop

Bumptop 3d desktop

Postby toddthegeek » Tue Jan 30, 2007 3:45 pm

I saw this video on YouTube.com today (the video is dated around June so I'm a little slow). I was really impressed by it and kinda wish Windows Vista would have included a couple of their ideas.

It's called bumptop 3d desktop and makes the desktop like an actual desk where you can stack documents, pin them to a wall, you can fold them, and all sorts of neat stuff.

Check out the video on youtube

or watch the full video on their website

They have some pretty neat ideas. I'm glad to find out that some people are still trying to make the computer easier to use.

This would be great for my mom and my grandma where the desktop isn't even visable cause there are too many documents.
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