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BOOTMGR is missing preinstalled vista :|

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BOOTMGR is missing preinstalled vista :|

Postby turbokillen » Fri Feb 24, 2012 7:50 am

I had vista on one partition C: and xp on another and a third "data" partition
Anyhow tried to increase the partition that xp used by fist decrease the data partition vith Vista bootpro. The xp partition was in a green border it seemed It seemed it was an exended partition so It did not seem to work to use space from the data partition.. i could only decreas the xp partition. Did that and tried to increase but I could only increase to the sze it was from the begining. So I increased both the xp partition and the data partition (which went very fast...)and restarted. Then the whole computer is screwed. Wont boot at all.

I only get the message BOOTMGR is missing press ctrl + alt + del to restart.

Problem is that its a acer laptop with preinstalled vista, I have the codes on the back of the computer but no CD/DVD. And pressing ALT +F10 wont do anything. :no
What can I do, is there som low level start up cd I can use to access/fix the boot? or can one order a Vista cd from microsoft when I have a preinstalled one? to do a recover?
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Re: BOOTMGR is missing preinstalled vista :|

Postby jbullard » Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:23 pm

Unfortunately there aren't any trustworthy low level programs out there that can re-install the boot manager. I ran across this same issue once before and really the only option is to contact Acer for a restore CD/DVD. Something else that you might consider is creating a Linux LiveUSB and install grub-update as the boot manager. Then you can add Vista to that and boot. It's difficult to do, but no matter what, I would definitely try and back up all of your data.
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Re: BOOTMGR is missing preinstalled vista :|

Postby turbokillen » Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:38 am

I resolved vista by using neosmarts recover disc. That saved me alot of time and worked fine.
Anyhow XP is missing, no bootmenue and if looking in system setting advanced boot it does not show any other OS than vista, is there any way to manually add xp so i get a bootmenu again?

links to how i resolved my problem


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