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Boot problems after mainboard change

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Boot problems after mainboard change

Postby Kalli » Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:16 am

some history for explanation:
half a year ago I installed Win 7 Home Premium 64bit on my computer preserving my existing Win XP Pro 32bit.
Everything went fine except that current drivers did not exist for all MB features. So I decided last week to buy a new mb (with AMD Phenom II X4) and an additional SATA hard drive (to complement 2 existing SATA drives, removing 1 IDE drive).
The 2 boot partitions (XP and 7) reside on one of the SATA drives.
After installation of the new board the system did not boot anymore. I tried the OS repair functions offered at boot time. also from the installation DVD. Did not succeed.
I installed Win 7 new on a different existing empty partition. This works. I also get a boot menu, now with 3 entries, previous OS + 2 times Windows 7.
Still the 2 other options do not boot.

I would like to get my previous OS installations back.
I assume the problem has to do with different hd ids after replacing the board.

Is there a way to repair this?
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Re: Boot problems after mainboard change

Postby Grav!ty » Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:41 pm

Try booting to safe mode (with networking) of the two OS's that are not booting (Press F8 immediately after selecting the non-booting OS from the boot menu), then go to Device Manager (right click Computer>Manage) and update the drivers online. You can also try running the driver installation disc that came with your new motherboard in safe mode. Mostly, installation of software won't work in safe mode but driver installation may.

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