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BETA Testers Wanted - Oops!Backup Version 3

BETA Testers Wanted - Oops!Backup Version 3

Postby vellad » Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:36 am

Full Disclosure - I work for Altaro Software


I am pleased to announce that we will soon be launching the BETA program for Oops!Backup version 3.

For those of you that remember, in September last year I posted a similar post - http://www.pronetworks.org/forums/beta-testers-needed-backup-product-t110521.html - so as to get BETA testers for version 2. The feedback we received from the BETA testers was great and we are looking to do the same for version 3 .

We are planning to launch the BETA in about 6 weeks time. We would love to get beta testers to help us beta test Oops!Backup v3. Beta testers will also get a free license once they are accepted into the program.

It's still too early to mention the new features in v3 but I will be making these public to the BETA list later on.

So - anyone that wants to join the Altaro Oops!Backup v3 BETA program go to the http://www.altaro.com/joinbeta.php

Thanks all

David Vella - Altaro Software
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