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backup utility: "a system image cannot be saved" to D drive

Re: backup utility: "a system image cannot be saved" to D drive

Postby markm75 » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:55 pm

JabbaPapa wrote:We have seen the odd unusual case where Vista/W7 setup can write boot data to *three* separate partitions, one of being the boot drive, the second being the system drive, the third being by accident.

What you are experiencing may be some variation of that scenario, in which case you will need a specific solution for your machine.

I would try fixing it with the D: offline, and assuming that your W7 is not booting properly despite appearances. Ignore "if it ain't broken don't fix it", just this ONCE ;)

With the D: offline, try using the boot repair options on the W7 DVD -- or alternatively use VistaBootPRO to force installation of the Vista/W7 boot manager on all drives. One trick I have to clear an old Vista boot menu and replace with a clean one, is to use VBP to install the Legacy boot drive and then *immediately* without rebooting reinstall the Vista/W7 one.

But try the W7 DVD first, and make sure you reboot a few times before putting the D: back online ;)


Of course you may be right and it could be a bad registry entry -- if no other fix works, then just reinstall W7 with the D: offline (...)


Hmmmm I do have one question : have you defined the root of the D: drive as the Documents folder or have you mounted the drive into a system folder ?

I'm working on the repair/vcdpro thing right now.. (edit: neither of these worked)

However, i do indeed have my documents, downloads and other folders pointing to d:\data\my documents or d:\downloads etc.. i went in the "admin" user folder and changed the target on all these, including my music etc too.. Perhaps thats causing an issue.. (edit: i guess this cant be it either, as i tried creating another user without the folders pointing to D and backup is still hosed, cant choose D, on my laptop with a D, i can select D even though i have folders pointing to D on there)
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