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anyone using Radialpoint w/dual boot?

anyone using Radialpoint w/dual boot?

Postby isabelringing » Sat May 16, 2009 9:55 am

Hi everyone,
I have just installed xp (as dual boot) on a vista pc
The owner had the Radialpoint security suite (isp-branded) on vista
When I install the radialpont suite as well on XP (which is perfectly legal; a home license entitle use on up to 3 pc),
the xp side of radialpont goes into activation mode, request isp acct#, & seems to work fine after
If I reboot again to xp, no activation step (which is great)
If I reboot to vista, I am faced with activation step all over again
If I reboot again to vista, no activation step (yeah!)

So basically, anytime I switch from one OS to the other, I need to reactivate Radialpoint suite
I am uncertain radialpoint offer any kind of support on this dual boot/activation issue
They will refer me to my isp/reseller

Does any of you have an idea if radialpoint can happilly dual boot?

Tks in advance
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