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Announcing project 5904 (Core 14)

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Announcing project 5904 (Core 14)

Postby augie » Mon Mar 23, 2009 5:19 pm

ihaque wrote:Project 5904 just went up on advmethods. This is an extension of project 5903. Since 5902/3's already been through the whole testing cycle and this project is an extension of that, we'll be moving through the usual testing regime more quickly than normal.

Please note, the behavior of this core is different from what you may expect. The following behaviors are NORMAL, and the points credit takes it into consideration:

* Varying time per frame
* Low GPU temperatures
* Fluctuating CPU usage (somewhat higher than GPU core 11).

WU's are worth 1680 points, with a preferred deadline of 3 days and final deadline of 5 days. Thanks for folding!

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Just started folding a pair of these as they just released them after only a three day test for those that use the advmethods flag. Seem to be the same as 02 or 3's
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