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Alternates to a VPN connection

Alternates to a VPN connection

Postby T-Man1984 » Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:36 pm

We have two locations at my current job. We use a windows VPN connection to connect to a server at our main location. Once connected, they log onto a DMS system.

The problem is the VPN will randomly drop the connection, which results in the user losing all the work they have been typing, and locking up a user on the server end. This has been going on for years. Different modems, different ISP's.

Is there something better out there to do this with? Problem is, we have an old server, think Windows 2000.

I would like to use Remote Desktop but can't risk someone unknowingly shutting down the server, or even worse, uninstalling something unintentionally.

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