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Advice on large TB array (MSA-60)

Postby kd1966 » Wed Dec 24, 2008 5:35 pm

One more small tidbit to add to all of this.......... We are using BackupExec 11.d on the current backup server and I started noticing something quite odd/interesting (To me at least):

When Backp Exec creates the .bkf file(s), even on a TOTALLY EMPTY HDD, these .bkf files are excessively fragmented, to the point of having as little as ~10-20 fragments each for smaller files, and upwards of 40K plus fragments per file for larger .bkf files.

Symantec engineers recommended the max file size for the .bkf's to 100GB so that's where we set it, but before that, we were using a max of 1GB with the same issue with the fragmentation.

I've been using Power Defrag (Contig) to try and keep the backup array clean, but if Backup Exec is going to continue to create heavily fragmented .bkf files - what's the point??
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Re: Advice on large TB array (MSA-60)

Postby jboykin » Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:57 pm

Did you ever find a solution? I am having the same problem with my MSA60.
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