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A PPD Chart for various GPU cards

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Re: A PPD Chart for various GPU cards

Postby augie » Thu Apr 23, 2009 6:33 pm

RichMobile wrote:
augie wrote:Hehehe, that's quite innovative! ^*^ You must have a small electrical panel then. Man, 35K PPD is really nice! ^*^ I'll have to be satisfied with my 10K PPD for now. Have to wait until prices come down on the newer stuff. :yesnod:

Hey, thanks for coming back and telling us your tale.:)

No... I just had a chest freezer, sump pump, and an arsenal of electronics on one 20 amp circuit. It didnt like getting another 6 amps sucked from it with the new folding rig.

Ya, especially with the start up amps of the freezer compressor, that would kill the breaker for sure, even at 20 amps as ours are max 15A. I know the feeling all too well.;) :lol:

BTW, nice pics.:) I see a folding farm sprouting out of that! ^*^

Good to see that you also have a good UPS protecting all that investment.
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