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1394 drivers windows 7

1394 drivers windows 7

Postby ~Robrowe~ » Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:49 am

OK everyone
Here is the dilemma. M$ found the need to screw up someting that wasnt broken. Seems the chose to rewrite the 1394 drivers for what their whitepage says "Faster speeds and alternative media". Well ever since I updated to Windows 7 X64 from vista my the only firewire 800 device I use has been slower than a serial db9 connection. The device I use is a CF card reader that I use to transfer images from the card to the puter. Pre windows 7 it would transfer 8GB of data in just over 3 minutes, a far cry from the 10-15 minutes on USB 2.0. Then along comes windows 7 and if it didnt lock up windows explorer or drop a transfer right in the middle causing a loss of data the same data was taking well over an hour, didnt time it but wasnt about to sit and watch a progress bar that wasnt showing any progress. I know it was at least an hour because I was on my machine doing other things until I went to bed and it had finished by the time I got up with the exception of the 12 files it said it couldnt find. These were lost forever. I searched everywhere and kept coming across posts to change drivers to legacy drivers in device manager, this kept explorer from locking up right away when attempting to open the drive but did nothing for speed. Tonight I found a fix. I got tired of all the crap that didnt work and ran across this site. http://www.unibrain.com/products/driverapi/ubcore.htm
Dont know what these folks did but I downloaded their driver set and now the only thing that shows up in device manager is whatever device is plugged in.
Oh sweet jesus someone got it right. My firewire 800 transfer speeds are now BLAZINGLY fast! Just transfered 2GB off the card in under 30 seconds. Didnt time it because my jaw was on the floor at how fast the progress bar moved. This driver suite is suitable for XP. vista, and windows 7 and comes in a 32bit and x64 flavor. Best part......its free! So if you are having issues with windows 7 firewire or want blazing speed I suggest you dwonload and install this package! I dont endorse much as long standing memebers who know me, including all the admins ( ex staffer here in the longhorn days) will tell you but when I do you can take it to the bank!
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